High performing individuals, from business leaders to professional athletes, are different from the rest of the world. High performers in the workplace have harnessed a core set of performance traits that set them apart and make them unique.

The Velocity team has studied over 50 performance traits of high performers, from leadership skills to work ethic, and everything in between.  We have reviewed high performers across virtually every industry, job level and geography. Our research, surveys and experience drew us to the conclusion that there is a core set of 6 High Performance Traits that can be learned, leveraged and practiced.

The myth that high performers are simply born and that the rest of us are what we are is simply wrong. Working together, Velocity is prepared to instill our 6 High Performance Traits in you.  The Velocity Performance Model, Approach and Programs will set your performance apart, give you a competitive edge and increase your individual performance an average of 22%.




The ability to live with a sense of self, purpose & energy.

Imagine living your professional and personal life with a heightened sense of purpose, with crystal clear clarity and with an energy that comes from within each and everyday. That is living and leading a high performance life with high performance rewards.



The ability to differentiate your leadership style, capabilities & yourself.

You have a brand whether you know it or not.  What you may not know is whether your brand is propelling your career forward or holding you back. High performers consistently have a brand that differentiates them from the rest of the pack.  Developing a high performance brand is not challenging, you just have to decide you want to.



The ability to inspire people to achieve uncommon results.

Picture achieving your individual goals and objectives everyday and having your team around you accomplish the same. High performers view this as “table-stakes”. You have an opportunity to wake up everyday knowing you are going to be successful, just wondering how successful.



The ability to make connections and invest in relationships.

The facts are simple – high performers know more people, make more connections and invest in strong relationships. The fact behind that is that we all need people helping us achieve our goals and making us high performers. Making connections in today’s world is only a click away while investing in your most promising relationships is as simple as having a disciplined approach.



The ability to speak and write with a clear purpose and call to action.

There is no doubt that high performers know how to articulate their thoughts and communicate them effectively both in writing and verbally. What separates high performance communicators is their ability to keep their message simple and have their audience take action. Communicating clearly while yielding results is not a challenge, it is a possibility.



The ability to persuade the way others think & act.

High performers have a remarkable hit rate persuading others to take up their call to action. Another way to look at this is even more simple – high performers usually get what they want. Getting what you want is not as difficult as you may think. The key to persuading others to your line of thinking is to focus on the result and work the approach.


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